AutoSway v1.86 Free Download

AutoSway v1.86 Free Download

AutoSway – Script for After Effects that lets you easily make your layers sway in 2D or 3D!

Use the Puppet Pin tool to apply pins to layers you wish to sway. Select all the pins, click “Apply” and your layer will sway! Adjust the lag at each point easily. You can also adjust the speed of the swaying as well as the length and sway width and of course the wind settings to simulate a wind effect easily. AutoSway can automatically shift the timing of the sways for a staggered effect.

Layer mode: multiple layers can be swayed in 2D or 3D
Now you can also use it in layer mode. To apply AutoSway to layers without the Puppet Tool and sway in 2D or 3D. Split Layer and Duplicate Layer – 2 tools that support layer mode:
1. Split Layer – Shape and footage layers can be divided any way you like
2. Duplicate Layer – Layers can be duplicated as many times as you like

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