Retouching Actions Pack [ 23 Actions ] Free Download

Retouching Actions Pack [ 23 Actions ] Free Download

Retouching Actions Pack [ 23 Actions ]

This powerful pack of Photoshop Actions contains 23 of the most time-savingquality improving actions for Photographers and Retouchers. With these actions, you have all the tools you need to take your work from boring and flat images, to stunning and unique Images.


It comes with videos to help you practice and reach the full potential of the actions and your creative abilities.


From beginner actions such as Frequency Separation to more professional ones like the

Image Glow, Advanced Sharpening and Skin Texture, this Pack is sure to help you quicken your workflow and advance your skills.


  • Frequency Separation Action
  • Frequency Separation 8-Bit Action
  • Frequency Separation 16-Bit 
  • Micro Dodge & Burn Action
  • Global Dodge & Burn Action
  • Dodge & Burn Action
  • Dodge Action
  • Burn Action
  • Dodge & Burn Check Layers Action
  • Dodge & Burn Invert Check Action
  • Even Skin Tones Action
  • Rich Skin Tones Action
  • Light Contrast Action
  • Strong Contrast Action
  • Reduce Reds
  • Teeth & Eye Whitening Action
  • Image Pop / Glow Action
  • Skin Textures Action
  • Reduce Skin Textures / Soft Skin
  • Shadow Pop
  • Image Sharpening
  • Eye Sharpening
  • Advance Sharpening


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