Aescripts mobar v2.2 Free Download

Aescripts mobar v2.2 Free Download


Kbar Matching Property

 Inverse Selection

 Select Layers at Frame

 Select Odd/Even Layers

 Random Select/Deselect

 Select Text Objects

 Select Nulls

 Select Precomps

 Select Shape Objects

 Select 3D Layers

 Select Guide Layers

 Select Lights

 Select Audio Layers

 Select All Parent Layers

 Select All Child Layers

 Select Complete Hierarchy



 Create Camera Rig

 Auto Trim Comp

 Auto Crop Comp


 Batch Rename Comps

 Batch Scale Comps

 Batch Resize Canvas

 Batch Comp Settings

 Batch Color Replacer

 Export Comps as New Project



 Solo Layers (Viewer)

 Solo Layers (Timeline)

 White BG

 Black BG

 Gray BG

 Set BG Color

 Toggle Checkerboard

 Reset View (100%)

 Reset View (50%)

 Reset View (33%)

 Save Screenshot



 Find and Replace Text

 Text Box Generator

 Text Area Limiter

 Wiggly Text

 Text Reveal Animation


 Set/Select Layer Group

 Duplicate Layers

 Shift Layer Times

 Order Layers

 Offset Layers

 Rename Layers

 Trim Layers

 Set Label Colors

 Set Anchor Point

 Parent to Null

 Parent to First Selected

 Parent to Above Layer

 Parent in Order Selection

 Trim Mattes to Layers

 Rename Matte Layers

 Hide Matte Layers

 Apply Matte Layer

 Lock/Unlock All Layers

 Lock/Unlock Shy Layers



 Reveal Selected Layer

 Reveal Current Comp

 Reveal Project Folder

 Reveal AE Script Folder

 Create Folder Structure

 Organize Project

 Project Cleanup



 Enable Expressions

 Disable Expressions

 Remove Expressions

 Bake Expressions

 Find/Replace Expressions

 Remove Expressions with Errors



 Elastic Motion




 Auto Fader

 Wiggle Property

 Blinker Flicker


 Stop Motion


 Set/Select Keys Group

 Snap Keys to Frames

 Fix Overshooting Keys

 Clone Keys

 Clone & Mirror Keys

 Time-Reverse Keys

 Shift Keys’ Time

 Offset Keys

 Move Keys to Current Time

 Move Keys to In Point

 Move Keys to Out Point

 Left Align Keys

 Right Align Keys

 Key Looper



 Show/Hide Guides

 Lock/Unlock Guides

 Toggle Snap to Guides

 Clear Guides

 Add Guides Around

 Add Guides Left

 Add Guides Right

 Add Guides Top

 Add Guides Bottom

 Add Guides Center

 Add Guides Middle

 Add Guides Anchor

 Create Guide/Grid System

 Golden Ratio



 Circle Wizard

 Rectangle Wizard

 Grid Overlay

 Connect Elements

 Trim Paths Controller

 Consistent Stroke Width

 Separate Shapes to Layers

 Merge Shape Layers

 Select All Strokes

 Select All Fills

 Toggle Fill/Stroke

 Cap Join Miter

 Cap Join Round

 Cap Join Bevel

After Effects 2023, 2022, 2021, 2020, CC 2019

2.2  (Current version)  –  Apr 12, 2023

New Features:
– Retina Display Support
– Theme feature with 5 different color options
– Search for scripts in custom paths
– Update notification window