PolySnow V4 for 3dsmax 3D model Free Download

PolySnow V4 for 3dsmax 3D model Free Download PolySnow

  • PolySnow is a 3DSMax plugin that creates realistic snow with a click. You just select your objects in scene and PolySnow does the snow for you! Let the snow fall on your 3D objects and scenes with a click of a button. A variety of parameters lets you get the desired results in every situation.
    • It’s a macroscript so please read the Instructions for setting up the plugin. (It’s just a few easy steps)
    • Make your 3d assets’ winter versions with a click
    • Easy to use


  • User friendly user interface with some explanation tooltips on buttons.
  • Live parameters let you adjust the snow at anytime you want. Non-destructive workflow.
  • SnowMerge is a powerful tool lets you connect snow meshes seamlessly.
  • Full control over the calculated mesh. You can change the settings and get a large number of variations.
  • Very fast particle calculation with a different resolutions option.
  • Add or remove snow from the areas you want by using edit particles tool.
  • Multiple layers of snow can be created and combined seamlessly.
  • There is also mesh resolution settings so you can create a low poly or highly complex snow objects.
  • Can be used for multiple objects at the same time.
  • Snow mesh is seperated from object.
  • Polycount of the original object doesn’t matter for snow quality (unlike extrusion methods)
  • You can sculpt the snow for more detail with a edit poly modifier.

What’s New in V4 :

  • Added new snow creation method.
  • Particle Occluded Accelerated method included.
  • New voxel based algorithm implemented.
  • Up to 7x performance increase.
  • Improved calculation on trees
  • Added time indicator to the end of the process.

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