G-Presets – Pack 03 – Mark II Free Download

G-Presets – Pack 03 – Mark II Free Download G-Presets – Pack 03 – Mark II


The all new Pack 03 Mark II is a proper glow up. So if you’ve been wondering what the future of presets looks like, welcome to the party. This pack has been converted into Custom Profile Sliders, which means that you now have the unique ability to turn a preset up or down in its entirety by simply using the slider. Quickly slide a preset down when shooting in harsh light to avoid overwhelming the image, or, take on that sliver of sun leaking into your lens by sliding the preset up and teasing out more contrast. Yeah… it’s really that easy. Pack 03 Mark II also contains Minus (-) versions of each preset that lowers the contrast, retains highlights and skin tones, and fades the blacks. The possibilities with these are truly endless.
Pack 03 Mark II contains 54 presets in total(Yes, 54 presets!). And because the Preset Sliders amplify their ease of use, this entire pack is super versatile and approachable for everyone to use. Regardless of your lighting conditions, you’re only one slide away from gorgeous results.
Included are 52 color and 2 black & white presets.



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