Plugin Alliance Kiive Xtressor Free Download [WIN+MAC]

Plugin Alliance Kiive Xtressor Full Version Free Download

The Xtressor is a faithful emulation of one of the most beloved and most popular hardware compressors of the modern era. Known for its speed, versatility, and attitude, it’s a must-have for crushing drum busses, squeezing kicks and basses, controlling acoustic guitars, and digging in hard with seriously satisfying vocal compression.

On the Xtressor, each of the ratios is like its own compressor, with unique attack, release and knee characteristics. Tailor its tone further with “DIST” modes that add 2nd or 3rd order harmonics for tube or tape-like drive. Or, try the “British” mode for fast and furious “all buttons in” compression that provides the memorable character of iconic pumping and breathing effects heard on countless major releases.

The tailored sidechain filter options on the Xtressor can help it reject rumble and take the edge off of jagged signals, letting you have assertive detail and analog-sounding smoothness all at once. The plugin also adds an extra hardware emulation with its dedicated Saturation section. It delivers not only tape-like harmonics, but a custom WARMTH control that adds high frequency compression to soften the brittle edges of overly thin and harsh sounds.

Kiive Audio takes this emulation to the next level with plugin-only options like dual mix knobs for both the compression and saturation sections as well as an input/output link knob that makes it even easier to dial in sounds than on the original.


  • An analog model of the most popular contemporary analog compressor in the world.
  • 8 different ratios with distinctive tonal characteristics.
  • Sidechain filters to reject low end rumble or add extra control to harsh frequencies.
  • Saturation section with dedicated “WARMTH” control for smoother, more analog-sounding top end.
  • Input/output link for easier gain staging.
  • Dedicated mix knobs for both compression and saturation sections.
  • British mode for “all buttons in” operation.
  • Mid/Side operation available.
  • Stereo width control.

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