Rus-Alex Kuzmichev – Hollywood LUTs + Bonus Free Download

Rus-Alex Kuzmichev – Hollywood LUTs + Bonus Free Download

-Premium Collection of Cinematic LUTs
-Suitable for photographs of any genre
-50 color solutions
-Video tutorial on installation and use included

Bonus. MK “Cinematic processing”
The main goal of the master class is to give you the necessary knowledge base, which will allow you to create “cinematic” photographs without any problems.
After watching, you will know not just individual techniques and techniques, but understand the very principle of work, and understand what is being done and why.
As always, I tried to make this master class as informative as possible, without unnecessary theory and water. Inside you will find a detailed video in which the secrets of “cinematic” processing of photos are told in an accessible language.


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