Minimal Audio Cluster Delay Free Download [WIN+MAC]

Minimal Audio Cluster Delay Free Download

Complex delays, effortless control. Cluster Delay’s easy-to-use interface allows you to ramp, space, and scatter up to eight processed delay taps in time.

Lush spaces and echo soundscapes. Explore ambience and transform any dry sound into expansive spaces. Use integrated diffusion and modulation to create reverb type effects.

Six integrated FX and more. Create nuanced and unique sounding delays with six routable effects. Keep your mix clean with built-in ducking, filters, and mid-side control.

Cluster Delay Features:

  • 100 versatile presets ranging from retro tape delays to modern soundscapes.
  • 6 Integrated FX: Diffusion, Chorus, Wobble, Frequency Shifter, Phaser, Flanger.
  • Up to 8 delay taps routing in stereo or mid/side.
  • Macro control over delay taps shape, timing, and stereo spread.
  • Integrated Ducking – Ducking the delay signal to the input signal for clean mixing and pumping effects.
  • Analog Mode for analog-inspired ‘gritty’ feedback.
  • Input Send Mode – Balance the delay lines gain without effecting the input signal gain.
  • Preset Randomizaton, Tooltips, & More.

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