Meg Bitton- The Magic of Editing 2021

Meg Bitton- The Magic of Editing 2021


Welcome to 2021.

Editing for me continues to evolve and change, as the pages turn, chapters end, and new ones begin.

Each month in a private group you will be able to participate in a poll where you will choose from all the images I have released that month and the one with the most votes will be recorded.

You will not only have access to the EDITING VIDEO, you will also receive the RAW file of the image I have edited.

These editing videos will not be available for single purchase with the file.

You ARE NOT required to participate in the poll or be in the group if you choose not to be. You will receive the edit and the file in your account regardless.

If you do participate in the group, you may post and learn along with everyone else.

Twelve months, twelve edits. Trust me. Trust you.



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