Forrest Mankins Film Free Download

Forrest Mankins Film Free Download

Almost two years, and 7,500+ frames of film later, FM Film is ready to go. I’ve been hauling around film cameras loaded with my favorite films and shooting them alongside the digital cameras. I’ve not even shared much of the personal work I’ve been shooting during this time, saving it as I worked and reworked through these looks.

The most frequent comment I get when sharing photos edited with these presets is: “what film is that?”

I didn’t make these to fool anyone, but I wanted to shoot film and digital side by side and not want to trash all my digital shots once the film scans came back from State Film.

I made FM Film because it’s the preset pack I wanted for myself.

I also want to say that you should check out the hashtags for any particular film stock, isn’t it amazing how many different looks there are? This is largely based off of what you shoot, in what light you shoot it, and what happens at the lab / your preferences. FM Film is based off of my preferences, and is about bringing out the best in each film stock without feeling the need to copy the attributes I didn’t like – think: shooting Ektar in weird light/etc. I’ve also made a video to show you how I edit with these presets, and made a Film Guide that comes with your instant download to give you an overview of how I think about the different presets and how to best use them, so if your preferences are different than mine, you can still use these to get where you’re going.

I’ve never put more effort into making a set of presets. Sure, I’ve put everything into the other packs, but as you become more experienced, you get pickier, you get better. That’s a good thing, and I think that the increase in quality is apparent in this set.

These presets will work on your computer, tablet, and even on your phone with the free Lightroom Mobile app (included with your download are instructions for installation on your phone).

What’s included with your instant download?

  • FM Film – 34 Presets and 3 Grain Profiles, compatible with Lightroom CC, Lightroom Classic CC, ACR, and Lightroom Mobile

  • FM Film Guide – A simple 4 page PDF that outlines how to use FM Film, and an overview of all of the included presets.

  • Link to the DNG File Download for installing on your phone using the free Lightroom Mobile app


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