Captain Plugins Epic v4 Free Download (WIN+MAC)

Captain Plugins Epic v4 Free Download

Captain Plugins communicate with each other. Your melodies and basslines will always be harmonically-compatible with your chords.
Songwriting becomes faster and easier, because any change you make in Captain Chords will be reflected to the other plugins.

Write chord progressions.

Compose melody hooks

Write strong basslines

Explore drum patterns

Play chords by pressing one key

Organized By Genre.

Captain Plugins can be used for any genre.

They also contain hand-crafted presets for Ballads, Bass House, Blues, Chillout, Country, Dark Trap, Deep House, Drill, Drum-and-Bass, Folk, Funky House, Future Rave, Hip Hop, Hyperpop, Jacking House, Latin, Lo-fi, Mainstage Electronic, Melodic House, Melodic Techno, Melodic Trap, Mid-Tempo Pop, Neo-Soul, Progressive House, R&B, Rage, Reggae, Reggaeton, Rock, Tech House, Techno, Top 20, Trance, Trap, and more.

Fastest Workflow. We’re obsessed with speed.

Start Your Songs with Captain, Use our bank of ideas to jump-start your project. Then, customize everything and make it yours.

Create Custom Chords
Use the “Magic Buttons” at the top of the Captain screen to create your own chord progressions. Explore different voicings and discover what your favorite vibe.

Discover Amazing Rhythms
We recorded World-class pianists performing different styles, and you can apply those styles to your own chord progressions and basslines. Everything is customizable, and your chords will sound perfect.

Generate Melodies
Captain has a workflow that’s super-fast and unique. Discover something that inspires you.

Use Our Instruments
No boring synths. We kept only the good stuff.

Export to MIDI and Audio

Work fast? Great. So does Captain.

Save everything to MIDI and Audio and create your song faster.

World-Class Sounds, Built-In.

Powered by sampled instruments and Phase Plant, there are 250 sounds bundled with Captain Plugins Epic.

129 Keys | 118 Bass Patches | 53 Leads | 79 Plucks


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