Boris FX Mocha Pro 2022.5 Free Download

Boris FX Mocha Pro 2022.5 (9.5) Free Download

Performance, Speed & Features

  • New pre-processing controls in the track module help solve difficult shots by applying filters to the source clip. Adjust gamma, contrast, blur, sharpen, denoise, or remove flicker from footage before tracking.
  • Lens Calibration Improvements: Boris updated the Lens module to support spline-based calibration with open splines. Remove or match lens distortion to improve tracking, roto, inserts, and removal. Save the Lens calibration for working on multiple shots with the same lens settings.
  • New Surface Controls: Right-click controls to set surface aspect, alignment and visibility improve the workflow for common screen burns and product replacements.
  • Apple M1 Improvements: Mocha’s Gstreamer support is updated to support the latest Apple silicon hardware for faster video import/export.
  • Interface improvements: New Gamma and Brightness controls in the viewer. Zoom scrolling – mouse scroll to zoom canvas.
  • 360/VR improvements: multiple fixes for improved mono and stereoscopic spherical video workflows including horizon stabilization, nadir patching, and rotoscoping.

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