Telestream Wirecast 15 Free Download [WIN+MAC]

Telestream Wirecast 15 Free Download

“Wirecast 15 represents a significant leap forward in ease of use, efficient use of computer resources, and further enhanced creative tools,” says Lynn Elliott, Senior Product Manager for Wirecast. “With its refreshed UI and subscription options, the new version allows users of any experience level and budget to easily produce broadcast-quality programs that rival most professional television productions.”

Highest Quality Capture, Streaming, and Viewer Engagement Tools

Wirecast 15 supports capture of 4K camera sources, playback of 4K media files, and 4K streaming output to deliver the highest-quality video content to viewers. The Rendezvous peer-to-peer conferencing system now supports live musical instruments as high-definition audio sources in the Wirecast stream through audio processing enhancements that preserve the tonality of the music.

To improve audience engagement, web page overlays are fully interactive in a stream when performing tasks such as live demos or tutorials. Social media comments can be integrated directly into the broadcast (from Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook) with precise control over what gets publicly displayed. Selected comments automatically populate an animated title template enabling users to have a continuously rotating collection of comments playing over the stream.

New User Interface

The new UI in Wirecast 15 allows users to create even the most sophisticated content on their own terms with customizable graphics, templates, stock media, and more. Upgraded audio tools include an enhanced display of audio meters across different views so users instantly see whether audio levels are too low or too high.

Rearchitected Software Engine

Wirecast 15 includes a rearchitected software engine that uses up to 60% fewer computer resources than previous versions, freeing up valuable CPU and GPU power to enable the most complex workflows. Users can run more programs in the background while live streaming for live on-the-fly updates and changes without impacting stream delivery and reliability.

“The rearchitected engine in Wirecast 15, which includes an update to Direct3D12 on Windows as well as many other efficiency updates, lets streaming pros do more with less. Whether it’s a capable Mac laptop, or a powerful turnkey hardware system like Wirecast Gear, our users wanted more production capability across supported hardware, and we’ve delivered it,” says Elliott. “2022 is going to see even more amazing announcements around the Wirecast ecosystem, so it’s going to be an exciting year for our users.”

New Subscription Options

To give live-streamers an easy and affordable way to get started producing professional-quality content, Telestream is now offering flexible, low-cost subscription options for Wirecast Pro. Content producers and live streamers can choose to enroll in monthly or annual subscriptions (starting at $35/month) and get all of the features included in Wirecast Pro, plus free upgrades with Premium Access support, for the duration of their subscription.

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