Aescripts chump-nft-engine v2.1 Free Download

Aescripts chump-nft-engine v2.1 Free Download

Key Features

Blockchain-ready multi-media NFTs

Export thousands of unique combinations as still-image, video or audio collections, along with blockchain-ready json metadata files for each.

Get started in a few clicks

A simple tagging system lets you easily define traits and their options, as well as more complex setups if needed.

Selection rules for greater control

A rule system allows you to control exactly how selections are made through probability and visual compatibility.

Metadata made easy

A metadata editor makes setting up & updating your collection details quick and easy, and ensures you’ll have all the information needed for the Ethereum or Solana networks.

Advanced visual options

Add visual complexity to your setups with support for sub-selection variants and multi-layer traits.

Fine tune your collection

Curate your collection by hand-creating custom editions that still adhere to the selection rules, and load existing editions for editing and adjustments.

Uniqueness control

Control exactly how different each edition needs to be to make the cut to balance collection size with visual diversity.

Endless potential

Push your collection to the limit with expressions, effects, simulations, masks, shapes and all the other bells and whistles offered by After Effects.

After Effects 2023, 2022, 2021

2.1  (Current version)  –  Feb 25, 2023

fixed a critical bug causing PNG exporting to fail when the composition frame rate is 29.97

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