Blender Addon – Blaze Add-On 2.0 Free Download

Blender Addon – Blaze Add-On 2.0 Free Download

1.Copy the  corresponding  folder to the addons directory under the blender installation directory,such as:C:ProgramFilesBlender FoundationBlender2.xx2.xxscriptsaddons

2.Open Blender,Edit-Add-ons,leave “Enabled Add-ons Only” unchecked,then you will see the plugins.

If you are struggling, tweaking material again and again to achieve a good-looking fire you are at the right place, Save your time and with better results.

Whether making nuclear explosions, sci-fi blasts, or a campfire scene, or anything! you can easily do it by hitting just one button.

There are 35+ different color presets to achieve the wilder look and superpower fires, with great depth in colors.

This is the most efficient and pleasing FX shader add-on which will speed -up your work without worrying about the look as it is SUPER HOT!.

Two demo files are provided with the purchase to get familiar with the shader.

Easy and Powerful shader:

Tired of messing with large node networks?

Blaze gives you all the controls on a single node, which makes your workflow a lot faster and effective by providing you all the necessary control in one place!

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