The Infinite Looks Panel Free Download

The Infinite Looks Panel Free Download

With over a million color options available, you’ll get to what you’re looking for and we’ll help you get there.

You’ll be able to find and refine the perfect color grade with our intuitive control system. Whether you want to start with a completely random set of options, or only find colors within a simile palette, our Color and Contrast sliders will help you do that.

Also, our advanced algorithm also helps protect skin tones to saves hours on masking! All this magic happens non destructively in one panel.

We think this combination of playfulness and the quality of color grades will inspire anyone to bring a new level of fun in color grading!

Key Features

  • Over1,000,000 professional color grades
  • 12 instant previews for easy comparsions
  • Sorted by color and contrast
  • Intuitive and fun to use
  • Non-destructive workflow
  • Preserve Skin Tone algorithm (no masking!)
  • Resource-friendly serverside processing and storage
  • Downloadable 3DL-LUTs to use in 3rd party apps


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