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The Classic Presets Lomo Love Free Download Lomo Love, this is about nothing less than love, the love of analog photography, the love of love and not to hate. Even though I’m selling Lightroom presets here, they are not the exclusive focus this time. The Lomo Love project is meant to give you presets, but at the same time generate donations. At the moment, refugee aid organizations have to cope with even more than they already do. 8 million war refugees are estimated to be added to the refugees coming over the Mediterranean or the Balkans and I strongly believe that we have to help everyone in need. The Lomo Love project aims to support such efforts.

I would like to support private sea rescue as well as aid organizations that take care of the many people from Ukraine. All proceeds from the sale of the Lomo Love Presets will be donated and fairly distributed among various organizations, such as SOS Méditerranée and Mission Lifeline, so that we are not just helping selectively, but more broadly. Doctors Without Borders are also doing an important job. Through the newsletter I inform you monthly how much donations we were able to generate and also how the project is developing. There remains the hope that the situation will improve at some point and then we can consider other purposes. But for the moment I would like to do something. Let Putin be shit, we just don’t go along with it. As the name says, this is about Lomography films. First, we’ll take a look at Lomo 100, 400, and 800, and image them in different ways. Overexposures, underexposures, whether the film has expired, was edited too cool, or too warm in the scan, the Lomo Love presets map all of that in 31 Presets. You can also find the basic variations of Lomo 400 and 800 in Classic Film Presets 2021, but here we go a little further and take care of these coveted films with great attention to detail What’s included:

  • 31 Presets (.xmp)


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