SANDFIELD LUTs By Daniel Schiffer Free Download

SANDFIELD LUTs By Daniel Schiffer Free Download

SANDFIELD LUTs By Daniel Schiffer

The SANDFIELD LUT was originally created for the sequence featured in my YouTube tutorial titled, Too many videographers neglect this… this sequence took place from 0:36 – 1:14 in the video (shot in Port Sandfield, hence where the name is from).


Included in this pack are 2 folders, SANDFIELD-LOG and SANDFIELD-STANDARD.Each folder contains the same 5 LUTs; however one folder contains LUTs that are optimized for LOG footage, while the other folder contains the same LUTs optimized for non-LOG footage.

You will get the best results with the SANDFIELD-LOG LUTs if your footage is shot in a LOG picture profile (e.g. Sony’s SLog2). The SANDFIELD-STANDARD LUTs will provide the best results if your footage is shot in a relatively flat picture profile – but not as flat as LOG (e.g. Sony’s Cine4).

The 5 LUTs included in the pack are as follows:

SANDFIELD – the original “Teal & Orange” style color grade as seen in my YouTube tutorial as referred to above.

SANDFIELD-GREENS – deeper greens, slightly less orange.

SANDFIELD-ORANGE – stronger orange tones, with a slightly more reddish tint.

SANDFIELD-MILD – slightly less intense, desaturated version of the original look.

SANDFIELD-MOODY – similar to SANDFIELD-MILD, with some added contrast and more of a moody cinematic feel.

If you are unsure how to install LUTs into your video editing software, a simple YouTube search will solve all your problems.

I hope you enjoy the SANDFIELD LUT pack.

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