Realtime Materials For Blender v2 Free Download

Realtime Materials For Blender v2 Free Download

A growing list of 270 realistic materials and all updates are FREE!

Tons of categories like paint, metallic, cloth, and a lot more!

Compatible with Eevee & Cycles

Pattern Control
you have the ability to control the patterns and shapes in each material to what your project requires.

Roughness Control
The majority of the materials have roughness control allowing you to change the way light affects the material.

Color Control
Tons of the materials have color control giving you flexibility to create any mood and look you want.

Paint Materials
There is a wide range of weathered and damaged paint materials for any opportunity.

UV Cloth
These highly detailed cloth use your model’s UVs and are packed with tons of control

Hexagon Patterns
This is a powerful set of hexagon materials with tons of control!

There is a big selection of weathered, sci-fi, and many other kinds of

metallic materials for any situation you may be in.

Edit the color, roughness and color of each marble material

Carbon Fiber

With tons of changes like color, clearcoat, and roughness, these materials are amazing for any hard surface you apply them to!

This pattern is every ware! From restaurant tables to kitchen tiles, these materials are a design staple!

Practical & Environmental Materials
If you need some Exterior materials like stucco, this pack comes with a wide range of practical materials for any situation.

Wood Flooring
Procedural wood has never looked better. There is a growing list of colors and patterns for any interior mood you want.

Surface Imperfections
These materials are made to add some nice detail to models that would otherwise have a simple flat surface.

Abstract Materials
If you love colorful and abstract art these materials are just what you are looking for.

How To Use
Install the Addon from the zip file in your addon preferences. Then click on the model you want to apply the material to, hit “N” to bring up the N panel and navigate to your materials.

How to Install
Go to edit, properties, addons. Install and select the zip file you downloaded, then after it appears, activate the addon. You will get a new menu on the N panel.


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