R3DS Wrap4D Track Node Rush 2021.11 Free Download [64-BIT]

R3DS Wrap4D Track Node Rush 2021.11 Free Download

4D Processing In Your Hands

We present 4 new applications specifically designed for processing 4D sequences.

4D performance capture is used by many high-end studios as it captures the movements of every millimeter of an actor’s face. For a long time this technology has mainly been available as a service provided by a few vendors.

R3DS Wrap4D, R3DS Track, R3DS Rush, and R3DS Node provide an easy, efficient, and controllable way to process 4D sequences in your company.

R3DS Wrap4D

R3DS Wrap4D is an extended version of Wrap designed specifically for 4D processing. It takes a sequence of textured 3D scans as an input and produces a sequence of meshes with a consitent topology as an output.

The solution includes 12 new nodes. At the heart of the pipeline is the FacialWrapping node which combines the power of the BlendWrapping node with the results from the lip and eyelid detector. The idea behind the node is to provide a robust result that doesn’t require cleanup.

R3DS Track

R3DS Track is stand-alone software for tracking markers and detecting facial features. It brings all the labor-intensive work into a 2D space so that you don’t have to cleanup models in 3D.

The appearance of skin can change drastically during a performance. By using tracking markers it makes it possible to wrap even very extreme expressions. R3DS Track provides generic and personalized detectors to track lip and eyelid contours. You can train a personalized detector by giving it a set of manualy annotated frames to achive an exeptional level of accuracy.

R3DS Rush

Each frame may take several minutes of computation. When processing 4D sequences you have thousands of frames, which may take weeks.

R3DS Rush allows running the computation on dozens of machines with just a few clicks. You can stop, pause, track progress, and assign different projects to different machines from a single easy-to-use interface.

It works in combination with R3DS Node, which is a headless computational node, so that you don’t need to buy a R3DS Wrap4D license for every machine.

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