Prince Meyson The Pro Retouching Pack Free Download

Prince Meyson The Pro Retouching Pack Free Download

The Pro Retouching Pack | PM

Take your photo editing to new heights with the Pro Retouching Pack by Prince Meyson, a game-changer designed to supercharge your workflow and elevate your output. Created by an industry-leading photographer and retoucher with over 12 years of experience, this pack merges impeccable quality, speed, and user-friendliness into a robust tool beneficial for amateurs and professional editors alike.

The Pro Retouching Pack unfolds seven distinct retouching actions:

Beauty Retouch Action¬†– Ideal for headshots, this action masterfully blends skin, eliminating the need for micro dodge and burn or frequency separation. You’ll achieve a natural-looking finish that mirrors high-end retouching.

Portrait Retouch Action РTailored for mid-range photos, this action assures a skin finish that is flawless and visually pleasing.

Full Body Retouch Action РFormulated for full-length portraits, this action provides consistency in skin retouching from top to bottom.

Auto Dodge and Burn Action РThis action automatically administers global contrast enhancements to your images, imbuing them with depth and dimension.

Liquify Tool Shortcut РProvides immediate access to the Liquify panel for easy and efficient image manipulation.

Dodge and Burn Layers¬†– Perfect for both micro and global adjustments, this tool refines your image’s contrast and detail.

Invert Check Layer РFacilitates the creation of precise check layers for an accurate dodge and burn process.


Notably, this pack comes bundled with a comprehensive retouching course that guides you through the process of editing using the Pro Retouching Pack. This added value makes the pack a complete solution, providing both the tools and knowledge to take your photo editing skills to the next level

The Pro Retouching Pack remarkably reduces the time spent on retouching without compromising on professional-quality results. Whether you’re editing studio shots or outdoor photos, the Pro Retouching Pack by Prince Meyson is your all-in-one solution to transform your images and boost your editing proficiency. Get ready to uncover the potential of your photos like never before!

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