Lenslab Venice Brick I Free Download

Lenslab Venice Brick I Free Download

Seven (7) gorgeous, high-resolution background texture variations shot in Venice, Italy. Wonderful intricate details produced authentically by true Italian artisans over hundreds of years ago, meticulously captured, optimized and color corrected to be the perfect complement for your next portrait masterpiece. They work spectacularly with Sean Archer Portrait Master and Sean Archer Pro.

  • 7 background variations
  • High Resolution
  • 8000px X 6,000px
  • JPEG format



How To Use

    1. Open the image and process it any way you’d like and flatten the image.
    2. In Photoshop, add the texture to the layer above your edited photo. 
    3. Change blending mode to Overlay or Soft Light (feel free to experiment with different blending modes like Screen, Multiply, etc.)
    4. Add a layer mask to the texture layer and use a brush to mask the texture from your subject.

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