Cospective cineSync 5 Free Download

Cospective cineSync 5 Free Download

cineSync is the only review and approval tool that lets you watch high resolution, high frame rate video in sync with anyone in the world and guarantee that you’re seeing the same frame of the same video at the same time.

Standard includes all these great features:

  • Remote video review and approval
  • Synchronised and interactive
  • OSX, Windows and Linux
  • Drawing and annotation tools
  • Export notes as PDF

Pro includes all Standard features, plus:

  • Integration with ftrack, Shotgun and Aspera
  • Python API for integration with other tools
  • Stereo / 3D support
  • Synchronized color tools
  • Zoom, masking and aspect ration tools
  • 3D LUT support
  • Multiple simultaneous sessions per account
  • cineSync Play


  • A new infrastructure designed to meet the demands of today’s creative projects.
  • Work more intuitively via a modern UI and faster, more responsive review.
  • Local desktop review—cineSync 5’s new player, cineSync Play, can run locally without a license.
  • Go in-depth on media with OTIO and OCIO v2 support.
  • Support for high-resolution original media, including frame/image sequence playback and OpenEXR support.
  • Enhanced production tracking integrations with ftrack Studio and ShotGrid.
  • Enjoy improved playback performance when working with large files.
  • Access tons of new features: view image layers, access a new text annotation tool, support for separate audio tracks, and more.
  • Find more ways to compare media—wipe, A/B, top/bottom, side-by-side, overlay.
  • Work in your language—localization is now supported, with the first release translated into Chinese.


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