Aescripts wayfinder v1.2.5 Free Download

Aescripts wayfinder v1.2.5 Free Download

Attach and guide layers along shape layer paths, shape generators, or even complicated animated shape layers!

Select your shape layer, press a button, and get nulls attached to the outline of the shape! Each null has controls for position and offset. The main shape layer gains controls for trim and offset. You can also select existing layers to attach them directly. Continue animating the shape layer after the layers have been attached!

Wayfinder Lets You…

  • Create a draw-on or trail effect
  • Set up several layers follow each other along the same path
  • Easily create complicated motion paths from shape modifiers like twist, zig-zag and more
  • Animate and change the shape as other layers are guided along it.

How to use Wayfinder

  • Select or create a shape layer. Make sure to already have any shape modifiers like Zigzag, Twist, etc. already applied.
  • Enter the number of points you want attached or select existing layers in the order you’d like them attached.
  • Check “Hide Calculation Layers” to shy the layers created to calculate points along the shape. These aren’t used for animation.
  • “Auto Orient Points (ϐ)” is a beta feature allowing points to rotate correctly along the shape without using AE’s “Orient Along Path” funcNon which doesn’t always work correctly for Wayfinder Followers.
  • Click “Attach Layers.”
  • Animate the original shape layer… Layers stay attached!
  • The main shape layer will have a “Wayfinder Leader” control for trimming or offsetting with all attached layers following.
  • The created nulls (or other attached layers) will have a “Wayfinder Follower” control for individually positioning along and offsetting from the shape.
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1.2.5  (Current version)  –  Aug 8, 2021

Added a small feature to help with a weird bug. If you’ve ever seen a Wayfinder Follower jump to a weird spot when animating Start, End, Offset, or Path Placement try out the new Precision property on the Wayfinder Leader effect. Adjusting this (usually lower) should help with that bug.

– Feature: Added “Precision” property to Leader.
– Feature: Updated Licensing Framework
– Bugfix: Precision property adjusts follower point trim in rare cases when the trim was too small and AE didn’t know what to do with your layer position.

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