Eevee Production Suite for Blender Free Download

Eevee Production Suite for Blender Free Download

Making production with Blender

Note: This offer works if you want the full suite or if you already have the EV Express add-on or the Material Nodes add-on.  

  • Create scenes very fast in EEVEE with proper light and materials. New: And modular assets.
  • Make a production in no time. Block your scene, pimp it up, give it light, add material and render in 5 frames a second.
  • The ONLY product that cares about probes, render settings, and light settings for EEVEE.
  • Intuitive workflow, active development, active community: It’s alive!


EEVEE renders fast, but who takes care of the proper render settings, contact shadow, biases, light- and probe settings? The EEVEE Production Suite does. This suite is the only of its kind that is specialized in EEVEE. There are other tools out there for lighting (and materials), but this suite is the only one that really cares about EEVEE;  Without precautions, there are many problems rending animations in EEVEE, like light leaks, self-shadowing, and screen space artifacts.

While the tendency is to use more AO (because environment light doesn’t cast shadows), the EEVEE Production Suite has a more reliable solution. From the start, it never worked with environment light. So instead, it is using a more reliable solution with geometry, lights, settings, and probes.

Speed – Render an animation 2 sec/frame.

Next to reliability, the production suite cares about speed; In two clicks, you set up a complete lighting setup with light rigs, probes, and backdrop (There are 56+ presets). And another click will set all your render and light setting to the best settings known for EEVEE. And with four clicks more, you have procedural material for your asset and the backdrop. Now your scene is complete.  Ready to render. And it will look good! But if you want to adjust the scene to your taste, there are many tools in the production suite.

What is in the package?

For 35 dollars, you don’t get only the solution to render in EEVEE, but also 56+ lighting setups, a library of 165 procedural materials, 4 addons, compositing nodes, and 41+ stackable node groups make your own procedural shader.

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