Square Peg v1.0.1 Free Download

Square Peg v1.0.1 Free Download

Square Peg brings individual corner controls to After Effects.

All completely keyframable and easy to animate.


Square Peg Quick Guide

Square Peg is more than just a corner rounder.

It’s an entire shape builder, opening up infinite possibilities of shape creation and animation by manipulating individual corners inside and out.

You can even save frequently used shapes so they can be rebuilt in one click whenever you need them.



Square Peg Shape Examples

The curvature slider bends corners from

  • Square¬†to
  • Squircled¬†to
  • Rounded¬†to
  • Bevelled¬†to
  • Inverted¬†to
  • Notched


Square Peg Curvature Examples

Square Peg uses native shape layers and Bézier curves.

Meaning your project will remain completely shareable with other After Effects users.

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