Rebecca Lilly Pro Set V Free Download

Rebecca Lilly Pro Set V Free Download


A whole new world of bold, exciting color palettes have arrived to desktop editing. Pro Set V for Lightroom 6/CC, Lightroom Mobile and ACR 9/10/11 is the most modern set of tools available for artistic color grading, letting you achieve all of your favorite cutting-edge looks with just one click. Pro V features a stunning new dark and moody collection, the first of its kind; the most vivid and impactful color presets to date; and all-new bright and airy pastels with improved gradients and highlight detail – all meticulously crafted by hand to give both professional and enthusiast photographers the quickest, most reliable edit.

All 27 unique presets in this set feature at least 4 versions each for flexibility in choosing the strength of the effect, from milder to stronger. This makes it simple to quickly find your preferred edit without the need for endless tweaking, and also allows you faster application of a cohesive look to a session with varying light.

Features to note for Pro Set V:

  • A beautiful collection of dark and moody presets to help you easily achieve different looks in this up-and-coming style, without sacrificing skin tones, shadow detail or luminosity.

  • New pastels with timeless color palettes and improved light enhancement techniques, softer gradients and more highlight detail.

  • Bolder, more vivid color presets handcrafted for maximum detail, vibrance and impact, perfect for all kinds of shots including portraits.

  • An exciting collection of new black and whites, from clean, delicate and bright to bold, dark and grainy.

  • All presets are optimized for people – helping create beautiful, authentic and luminous skin for all types of skin tones, and minimizing the need for retouch in Photoshop.

  • Designed and extensively tested on all camera models including Canon, Nikon, Leica, Fuji, Sony, Hasselblad and Phase One.

  • Application for RAW and JPG.

  • Lightroom 6/CC, Lightroom Mobile and ACR 9/10/11 versions included.

Pro Set V is accompanied by a brand new toolkit with 43 tools for custom toning, clarity, sharpening, contrast, vignetting, grain, white balancing and noise reduction. A convenient “Reset Presets” tool allows you to reset all settings without losing your crop, lens corrections, exposure or white balance settings.

Pro Set V contains 156 presets: 93 color, 20 black and white, and 43 tools. A complete list of included tools and presets is below:


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