KELSRFLOYD Basic Lightroom Presets Free Download

KELSRFLOYD Basic Lightroom Presets Free Download

This package includes the option to download the presets to mobile and/or the computer.

One time purchase and they’re yours forever.

The Lightroom app is free for mobile.

Follow @krfedits on Instagram for editing tips with these presets after you purchase. Follow the instructions in @krfedits Instagram bio to be accepted. This page has been great for those that aren’t familiar with editing in Lightroom. I share adjustments, tricks, and tips for fixing common issues.

*The Autumn preset is a late addition and is available in this pack as a mobile preset.*


For the mobile presets – Adobe Lightroom CC App (free)

Computer presets – Adobe Lightroom Computer App (monthly fee)

Hey guys! I’m so happy to share my Lightroom presets with you! I’ve been getting a lot of requests about my editing style so I’m sharing with you the edits I’ve used the most throughout my time on the Gram.

These edits work best with outdoor photos with good lighting, but they can also be used on indoor photos with good lighting. These work best with natural lighting. These don’t always work best with synthetic lighting such as ring lights, ceiling lights, etc. These edits work best on photos taken with a high resolution camera, but also work great with good resolution phone pictures. I use the Canon EOS M10 and occasionally my IPhone X.

These presets are recommended for bloggers or people just looking to enhance the aesthetic of their social media feed. If you are a professional photographer I would recommend sticking with presets created by other professional photographers because they have a better understanding when it comes to editing professional photos.

I am a blogger from South Florida so these edits were created with a focus on my environment – the beach, poolside, tropical greenery, lots of sunshine, around town, light colored buildings, etc. Check out the hashtag #kelsrfloydpresets on Instagram to see others who are using them.


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