IWLTBAP Psychedelia LUTs Pack V3 Free Download

IWLTBAP Psychedelia LUTs Pack V3 Free Download

This pack contains a set of 70+ unique color grading presets.
It’s the opportunity for you to give a very original touch to your image!
These LUTs were designed to preserve the maximum skin tones.

Can be used on photos and videos.

These LUTs were inspired by infrared photography, with neutral colors and skin tones preserved.
The colors are extravagant and flamboyant, perfect to create a surrealistic atmosphere.
Check the beautiful work of Philip Bloom with infrared and his video in Las Vegas.

You are shooting weddings, music videos, short films, vloggings?
Imagine your slow motion footages and B-roll with these colors! 

The IWLTBAP LUTs are used by professionals
and recommended by Film Riot and Sam & Niko YouTube channels.

In this pack you will find the LUTs optimized for standard image profile (Rec.709, sRGB).
Also is included a LOG version (for flat image profiles) and a V-Log L version (for the GH4/GH5).
For owners of GH5: in the pack is included a .VLT version of the LUTs, so you can load them in-camera 

These LUTs are fully compatible with footages from all kind of cameras:
Arri Alexa, Blackmagic, RED, GH4 and GH5, Samsung NX1, Lumix LX100, Sony a7S II, GoPro,
Sony RX10, Samsung NX500, Canon 5D Mark III, Sony a6300 and a6500, etc.

Scroll down to see a before/after example of each LUT of the pack.


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