Ezra Cohen – 16mm Film Grain + Textures (4K) Free Download

Ezra Cohen – 16mm Film Grain + Textures (4K) Free Download Introducing a unique bundle of real Kodak 16mm film grain overlays that gives you more control than ever in adding the grit and texture that makes 16mm so special.

Created in collaboration with one of my favorite DPs, Nyk Allen, this collection of 16mm grains boasts unmatched clarity and texture. Unlike the fake “emulations” that so many other sites offer, these gorgeous files are taken straight from real 4K scans of Kodak 50D, 250D, and 500T film stocks.

THE BIG PROBLEM with other film grain packs is that there is no one blending mode that works for all elements of the film look. You need Overlay or Hard Light for the grain, Multiply for the border, and Soft Light or Overlay for the burns. So rather than offering one file that kind of looks right, this pack gives you each element on its own for the most convincing effect on the market.


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