Classic Street Collection 2021: 15 Presets Free Download

Classic Street Collection 2021: 15 Presets Free Download

My 2021 Classic Street Photography Presets Collection

These presetsĀ are perfect for both lively urban & rural environments, cityscapes, street markets, & lifestyle.

Read the description below to see what is included.

The Classic Street Photography Collection 2021 Lightroom: 15 Presets

Gooood Morning! I’m excited to share with you this new Lightroom presets pack that I have been refining over my last 3 years of travels and shoots around the world.

This Classic Street pack is built for excellence, versatility and timelessness. These presets have personally saved me a ton of time when editing photos.

This Classic Street presets pack is excellent for helping you boost the crispness of your images and add a style to it. They are designed mainly for urban, streets, travel photography and also work very well for portraits and more nature focused photos (especially the Papeno & Tulum ones).

Go ahead, get them, play with them, tweak them and make them your starting point for beautiful images!

Presets included in the pack:

– Antigua 01
– Antigua 02
– Bryce 01
– Bryce 02
– Bryce 03
– Bryce 04 c
– Chicago 01
– Chicago 02
– Chicago 03 c
– Papeno 01
– Papeno 02
– Tahiti 01
– Tahiti 02
– Tulum 01
– Tulum 02


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