Chroma Intelligent Profiles and Presets Free Download

Chroma Intelligent Profiles and Presets Free Download After teaching Color Theory for nearly 10 years, I can tell you that many photographers are afraid of color and it shows in their work. Color should not be feared, it should be embraced!

The IP² Chroma Profiles and Presets can either be used at the beginning to the end of your workflow with ease!

Using them at the beginning of the workflow you can take full advantage of all the RAW data in and make beautiful color photos that are ready for further editing in Ps or quick refinements for print.

Or if you prefer to do the bulk of your color work in Photoshop, you can continue with your normal workflow and finish your images with ACR as a filter and take full advantage of IP² Chroma at the end of your workflow.

The choice is yours, but either way, Chroma is ready for your workflow!


Download Link Coming Soon….Stay Updated

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