AEScripts GuidesUp v2.2.1 Free Download

AEScripts GuidesUp v2.2.1 Free Download Do you animate and align your items(texts, shapes, footage, or so) using Adobe After Effects guides?
Then you have to go to the “View” menu, then tick “Show Rulers”, then check “Show Guides” (or Ctrl/Cmd +R then Ctrl/Cmd +; etc.)… And this, several times per comp, per project, per day?
We have a small tool that may surprise you.
Have you ever tried to design around isometric guides inside After Effects?

With “-GuidesUp!” You will be able to :¬†

  • Create and use an Isometric magnetic map in 1 click!
  • Create a Hex map¬†
  • Create a grid based on the Golden Ratio¬†NEW: Shift + Click to use The rule of thirds guides!
  • “Frame items” (set automatically guides around shapes, footage etc.) on multiple layers
  • Set up the “ALL, TOP, LEFT, RIGHT or BOTTOM ” Guides, even on multiple layers
  • Position guides on items Anchor Point
  • Toggle Snap (magnetism of the Rulers)
  • Toggle Show Guides
  • Save and load Guides in 1 click!
  • Add cinematic black bands (because it’s cool)
  • Empty Memory and disk cache
  • NEW:¬†Save & Exit at once (with PROMPT dialogue) when you’re done ūüôā

Bonus “1 click 1 super function” buttons: Align anchor –¬†Center¬†item –¬†Flip¬†Vertically and Horizontally – Delete Layer(s) – Free Memory and¬†Empty Cache

After Effects 2020 and later.

Tooltips are translated into English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese and Japanese. Cheers!

After Effects 2022, 2021, 2020

File Password:- motka

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