Timeless Presets Pack Free Download

Timeless Presets Pack Free Download

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These presets are part of my editing routine. After each shot, I open Lightroom and click on one of these presets. 99% of the time I have nothing to do but click on one.

You can use it on your computer with Lightroom and Photoshop software, but also with the Lightroom Mobile application (which is free). This means you can take a photo with your phone and apply this timeless effect to it.

When I published this photo on my networks, it was taken up by many photography accounts which reshare the best shots, they are very influential. This allowed me to gain several thousand followers without doing anything. You can see in my eternal stories “presets” which accounts have taken me over. My answer is indisputable it is thanks to these presets, because the retouching is the last aspect that will determine the final result of your photo.

This pack contains 30 presets, there are 15 presets with 2 versions each (to be sure it will work on your photos) which I used on most of my images in my Instagram. There is also a preset pack with different grit types, from soft to very hard.


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