Refined I – Presets, Profiles & Mobile Free Download

Refined I – Presets, Profiles & Mobile Free Download REFINED I

Created as the foundation of Refined Co. in 2017 by Marta Locklear, Refined I is a collection of presets that bring you film like edits built with a pure color palette, luminous skin tones, natural soft greens, and endless versatility. With our unique tone curves and color tones, the range of editing lies in your hands and vision.

We believe that the art of editing is a refined process, perfected with each photographer that hones their craft.

Refined I is widely used by both light and airy portrait and wedding photographers and dark and moody documentary photographers. It’s rich color palette is also trusted by commercial, stock and studio photographers working in a variety of industries. Hybrid photographers lean on Refined I to match their Fuji film scans and to edit their basic scans. Refined I includes workflow tools that allow you to add the finishing touches and make your editing process seamless and efficient.



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