Aescripts YY Voronoi v2.1 Free Download

Aescripts YY Voronoi v2.1 Free Download

YY_Voronoi is a procedural texture generator. Voronoi diagrams (also known as Worley noise, or cell noise) are procedurally generated images which can be used as all sorts of textures, from terrain maps to water caustics to abstract backgrounds. By layering different Voronoi patterns, variations in complexity can be achieved. YY_Voronoi provides a way to generate Voronoi diagrams in After Effects, with extra options to control animation, shape, and much more.

Parameters (new in version 2):

  • Offset: moves the texture around
  • Grid Size: distance between cells
  • Color Calculation: underlying method of drawing the cells
    • Square Distance: default, fast
    • Absolute Distance: high contrast, linear falloff
    • Edge Distance: uses distance from cell boundary
    • Discrete (Changing): no variation of color within cells, mosaic effect
    • Discrete (Static): no variation of color within cells, or through evolution
  • Distance Metric: underlying method of calculating cell boundaries
    • Euclidean: organic, unconstrained boundaries
    • Manhattan: sharp, 45 degree boundaries
  • Contrast 1: manipulates output shape
  • Contrast 2: manipulates output shape
  • Brightness: output brightness
  • Dispersion: randomness of the cell distribution
  • Use Image To Disperse: use the color of the layer pixels to control the dispersion amount
    • Black = no dispersion
    • White = full dispersion
  • Evolution: animation of the cells
  • Evolution Period: number of rotations for a seamless loop (0 for no looping)
  • Repeat X: number of cells in each horizontal tile (0 for no tiling)
  • Repeat Y: number of cells in each vertical tile (0 for no tiling)
  • Random Seed: changes the start behavior of the cells
  • Blend Mode: blending with background image
  • RGB Only: keep alpha value of background if enabled (new in 2.0.1)

New Features:

  • Completely redesigned algorithm and native code implementation for greatly improved render speed and compatibility
  • Additional color calculation modes and distance metrics to adjust the overall look of the cell pattern
  • Cell dispersion settings, with option to use the current layer’s pixels as dispersion amount
  • Repeat option, to adjust the vertical and horizontal grid tiling
  • Full backwards compatibility with previous versions – 7.3 MB – 477 KB

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