Minimal Audio Morph EQ Free Download (WIN+MAC)

Minimal Audio Morph EQ Free Download

Build your filter movement

Morph EQ’s innovative and easy-to-use morphing feature allows you to draw endless custom filter paths and navigate them with the turn of a knob.

Integrated macro control

Sculpt your audio with elegant controls that globally shift and move your filter shapes. Morph through your paths, control the filter’s cutoff, and create wide stereo effects with ease.

Perfect your mix

Use Morph EQ to mix and match any combination of 7 filter types, analyze your sound in real-time, change your filter routing for any application, and more.

Diverse preset library

Choose from over 100 presets ranging from twisted effects to essential mixing.


  • 100+ presets with deep macro control.
  • Explore a huge variety of presets that make use of everything Morph EQ is capable of.
  • Integrated macro control.
  • Turn any EQ shape into a custom filter with enhanced macro controls.
  • 7 stereo filter types.
  • Everything you’ve come to expect in an EQ.
  • Draw your paths.
  • Unlock a new type of filter movement and control with bezier type morphing paths.
  • High-resolution spectrum analyzer.
  • See exactly what you’re doing to your sound with pre and post spectrum analyzers.
  • Stereo, single-channel, and mid-side filter routing.
  • Enjoy flexible routing options per EQ point.
  • Filter gain scaling.
  • Boost, reduce, or invert any EQ shape to get the perfect effect depth.
  • EQ undo and redo make editing a breeze.
  • Accidentally delete a point? Not a problem, enjoy 100 undoable actions.
  • Analog-inspired resonance.
  • Adaptive Q dynamically modifies filter resonances for a rich frequency response.
  • Serial and parallel filter configurations.
  • Create next level bandpass banks with unlimited filters and all the same macro controls.
  • CPU optimized algorithms and more.
  • Morph EQ does what you want while remaining light in your session.


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