Materialiq v5.1 for Blender Free Download

Materialiq v5.1 for Blender Free Download

Materialiq v5.0.1 Material Library is a material library for the free and open source Blender software. It was designed from the ground up to handle time-consuming tasks that often involve creating and modifying materials rather than focusing on other important aspects of a scene. Blender resource browser integration, random material setting for each element/object, 20 new materials added (6 roof types, 12 wood types, 2 wall types), 14 materialiq4 materials ported to materialiq5, higher resolution material previews, ported world settings via materialiq4, shortened material names in polygoniq browser, added 4 water materials (animation only in aquatiq)

Feature Highlights

Material Naming

All materials have index letters based on their category and a numbers to keep them in order. The numbers also make it easier to identify materialiq materials in projects with your own materials so nothing gets mixed up.

naming example

Use material indices to speed up your workflow in materialiq

It is much faster to find the right material if you remember its index. You just type “WD” when you want a wood material and that gives you a list of all wooden materials. Alternatively if you remember the exact index, let’s say “WD010”, you can just type that to get “WD010_DECIDUOUS-Oak-Dry-Cracked” material straight away.

polygoniq asset browser showcase

Easy Customization

All settings and tools for creating and managing different variations of your materials are available in the addon menu located in the N-panel. If you prefer to use the Shader Editor, we made sure that node groups across materials are unified.

material variations rendered

Renderers supported out of the box

  • Cycles: this is the main renderer we optimize for
  • Eevee: most of the assets will also render well with Eevee

Stable, LTS Blender versions supported

We know you want to use materialiq for production work and need stable Blender versions to do that. We strive to support the latest and greatest as well as older Long Term Support versions of Blender.

Materialiq is all about ready-to-use high quality materials. You can choose from multiple categories, like Fabric, Transparent or Concrete. Want to have look at all the materials?

All materials in the library are hyper-realistic but also ready to use on objects with big surface area as they tile perfectly.


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