Kyle Vollaers Lightroom presets – The Master collection Free Download

Kyle Vollaers Lightroom presets – The Master collection Free Download

The Master collection contains 50 Lightroom Classic Desktop/Mobile presets that have been designed and optimized for Landscape, Adventure, Lifestyle, Portrait, and Aerial photography.

Compatible with all desktop versions of Lightroom & Lightroom Mobile.

These presets will cover you on all bases and help take your work photography to the next level.

The Cinematic collection will give your photos that muted cinematic look, whilst maintaining good colour balance and skin tones.

The Aerial collection will give your Aerial photos soft and well-balanced tones, whilst giving each image a distinct tonal look.

Each preset will act as a starting base for your edits, speed up your workflow, and give your photos a unique look. You can also improve your editing by reverse engineering each preset to better understand my workflow and how Lightroom works.

Remember that every preset should be used as a foundation to work off. These presets are not a ‘one-click’ solution and no preset you will ever buy is, for that matter. You will have to fine-tune certain settings like exposure, white balance, shadows, whites, and blacks under the ‘Basic’ panel to get your desired look.

With that being said, included in this pack are 2 in-depth Lightroom/Photoshop tutorials where I will show you exactly how I edit my photos using these presets and how I give my photos that extra punch in Photoshop. I will also show you the best export settings for Instagram so that your images are razor sharp.

Note: I changed a few of the preset names after the tutorials was recorded. All presets are in the pack.

The Master collection contains:

  • 17 Landscape Presets

  • 4 Portrait Presets

  • 2 Underwater presets

  • 2 Astro presets

  • 15 Aerial Landscape Presets

  • 7 Aerial Ocean presets

  • 3 Aerial Urban presets

  • 2 Bonus presets – Reduce noise in your astrophotography photos

  • 2 Lightroom/Photoshop tutorials – In each of these tutorials I teach you my exact workflow in Lightroom/Photoshop for Landscape and Aerial photography

  • 4 Bonus Radial/Graduated filters – Local adjustment filters to add Haze, side glow, darken foreground, and darken the sky

  • Full access to all future updates of the Master collection

  • Dodge & Burn Photoshop action

  • User guide


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