Cats and Dogs – Mobile & Desktop Lightroom Presets Free Download

Cats and Dogs – Mobile & Desktop Lightroom Presets Free Download

This collection contains 15 Lightroom Presets to improve your animal photography with only a few clicks.

➡️ Photos of cats and dogs (and other furry friends) will look better and even more adorable with these presets. → Convince yourself by taking a look at the before and after images below.

All presets have been extensively tested to work with a wide variety of images on different camera models. To find the most suitable one for your image, simply hover over the preset titles in Lightroom and take a look at the preview in the navigator.

✅ This product consists of 12 color presets and 3 black and white presets → Every preset is meant as a starting point. You will always have to fine-tune the basic settings first, especially Color-Temperature, Exposure and the Blacks and Whites under the ‘Basic’ panel.

Compatible with Lightroom Desktop and Mobile (DNG presets included)

All Lightroom presets are included in XMP, lrtemplate and DNG format to ensure maximum compatibility and flexibility across platforms and devices.



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