Aescripts rubberize-it v1.09 Free Download

Aescripts rubberize-it v1.09 Free Download

Rubberize It!

Rubberize It! is a remarkably easy way to make your animations squash and stretch like rubber. It works with type, stills, video, shapes, vectors and any other layer that can accommodate puppet pins.

Just place the pins on your layer, select a material and click Rubberize! It’s that easy. Once set in motion, your layer will behave as if it were made of rubber, vinyl, goop, or five other bendy choices.

Rubberize It works by displacing puppet pins based on a layer’s acceleration so that changes in its position, rotation or scale will automatically trigger a reaction. It even works with motions inherited from a parent layer.

The UI is built to apply changes quickly and easily and offers a fast learning curve.

Make sure to check out the FAQ / Tips & Tricks section in the  Knowledge Base.


• Eight material presets

• Sliders to create custom materials

• Combines multiple materials

• Chaos feature adds randomized element to materials

• Formulas for two different types of reactions

• Clean button to delete expressions from selected pins

• Smart Rubberize Button

• Bake function to speed preview and rendering

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1.09  (Current version)  –  Oct 20, 2022

update licensing framework

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