Aescripts Neural Warp v1.3.3 Free Download

Aescripts Neural Warp v1.3.3 Free Download

AI-powered warping has arrived!


Neural Warp is a completely new method to warp elements according to the motion of another layer. No manual tracking is needed. There are two modes, one for temporally smoothed warps and one for direct frame-to-frame warping.



Result from Instant Mode

Hardware support


 cpu mode  hardware acceleration
 Windows with NVIDIA GPU  ✅  ✅
 Windows with other GPU  ✅  ❌
 MacOS ≥ 12.3 (M1/M2 or Intel with AMD GPU)  ✅  ✅
 MacOS ≥ 11.5  ✅  ❌

Hardware acceleration will run orders of magnitude faster than the cpu mode.






New! Instant Mode

No precomputation or manual tracking needed. Directly warp footage from one reference frame to the current frame.




Easy visual feedback

You can overlay a warping grid at any time on the full frame to get an easy visual cue about the expected warping.


It runs on AE 2022 and above. Please test your configuration using the free trial before purchasing.




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