Aescripts Crazy Shapes v1.0 Free Download

Aescripts Crazy Shapes v1.0 Free Download With Crazy Shapes, you can expand the possibilities of Path work in After Effects. Make rigs, add cool animations in a few clicks, and use extra tools to make your work easy and fun.

To the basic tools, there are some supporting tools:

  • Reset position, rotation, and scale inside the shape layer, including the path space coordinates.
  • Link Nulls with Path points in 5 ways.
  • Convert all parametric shapes to the path or all expressions to keyframes with one button.
  • Disable the visibility of unnecessary inner groups of shapes.

1.0.1  (Current version)  –  Sep 20, 2022

– fix: extension panel not opening in the Windows
– fix: Slider and Length Rig functions not working with puppets
– fix: in the Path Bend and Path Delay expressions stop work after enabling the 3D layer
– improve: better expression switching in the On/Off function
– several minor bug fixes and improvements


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