Aescripts automation-toolkit-pro v2.0.4 Free Download

Aescripts automation-toolkit-pro v2.0.4 Free Download

What is Automation Toolkit Pro?

Automation Toolkit is an extension for Adobe After Effects that lets you create your own custom buttons with their own custom functionality, It allows you to create a variety of script-like functions, called Automations.

With Automation Toolkit you have the power to improve your workflow beyond using other scripts, You can design and shape ideas into working solutions for your projects without having any knowledge in programming or after effects scripting!

“I can’t code at all!”

Automation Toolkit uses a new and intuitive form of “programming” that allows anyone to program in a simple way, users no longer need to remember strange expressions and can experiment without getting scary error messages.

“Is it Free?”

Automation Toolkit Pro is not free but there is a free version where you can store up to 10 automations at the same time. The free version includes all the best features from the paid version.


  • After Effects with a different language other than english not fully supported and some properties won’t work as expected (menu command, position when the dimensions are separated, x,y,z rotation when 3d).
  • Some Keyframe Properties can’t be changed (keyframe interpolation, toggle hold keyframe), the value of the keyframe can be changed.
  • Shapes and Masks are not supported and cannot be accessed.
  • Text Layers – only source text, font, font size and justification are supported, text animators are not supported too.
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2.0.4  (Current version)  –  Mar 7, 2023

New features:
– added support for After Effects 2023 Mac
– added search function to dropdowns
– added dropdown tooltips support on mac
– added functionality to work with csv data (google sheet/excel)
– simplified collections functionality
– added supports for all render setting and output module settings – 42 new properties

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