FrozenPlain Lost Reveries Free Download [WIN+MAC]

FrozenPlain Lost Reveries Full Version Free Download

Designed unapologetically for one purpose, Lost Reveries provides you with customisable, playable, ambient-drone synthesis created by an expert of the genre, Hilyard.

It’s a sample-based VST/AU synthesiser plugin containing 32 ambient ‘oscillators’ that can be combined in up to 3 layers: with controls such as ADSR envelopes, filters, LFOs and more. Furthermore, it features a rack of effects including a rich reverb algorithm, delay and a phaser. Lost Reveries also comes with 80 production-ready presets that can be selected from an in-built preset browser.

Lost Reveries lives inside FrozenPlain’s sampler engine, called Mirage – which is included for free in the no-hassle installer.

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