Gigapixel AI 6.1 Free Download

Gigapixel AI 6.1 Free Download

Topaz Labs has released Gigapixel AI 6.0, the latest version of its AI-trained software for increasing the resolution of photos or rendered images without softening or introducing noise into the result.

The update adds native support for Apple’s M1 processors, reducing processing times on M1 Macs by around 40%; and an optimised 16-bit version of its Standard AI model to improve performance on Windows.

Full disclosure: the update was actually released last month, but we didn’t manage to cover it at the time.

Machine-learning-trained tool enlarges images without sacrificing detail
Gigapixel AI is designed to enlarge digital images while preserving their sharpness, using machine learning techniques to fill in the missing details.

Its algorithms are trained using a data set of “millions of photos of all subjects and styles”, and can enlarge photos by “up to 600%” before image quality starts to drop visibly.

The software supports batch processing, making it possible to run it on entire image libraries.

Gigapixel AI v6.0 at a glance

  • Native Apple M1 silicon support – Experience at least a 40-50% performance improvement compared to the previous Mac versions that required Rosetta emulation and Intel architecture.
  • Improved model downloads and quality boost – You can now download all of the necessary model files for your computer configuration in one shot. We also improved the Very Compressed model to reduce pixel-shifting when saving an image.
  • Redesigned UI, improved usability, and lots of bug fixes – Clearer visuals while using the app, improved memory handling during batch processing, and many other helpful bug fixes.

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