Nuke 13.2 Free Download

Nuke 13.2 Free Download

Introducing Nuke 13.2

Experience the Nuke 13 series combining innovative tech and advancements to trusted features to bring artists full creative and technical control over their work, remove pipeline friction and help them to work closer to the final image.

Greater creative collaboration and review

Discover a faster and more convenient way to share the Nuke viewer content for review with the introduction of NewTek Network Device Interface (NDI) into the Nuke Family. NDI allows users to share video and metadata over the internet in real-time, enabling users to easily share and stream their Nuke viewer content to anyone else on their network in real-time.

Each viewer added can now have its own independent Monitor Out functionality, allowing for multiple Floating Windows and multiple NDI streams to be sent simultaneously. With Multiple Monitor Out and NDI support users have greater control over how and what they share, and can share multiple visual ideas at once.

Spend more time working and less time waiting

Uncover a new rendering architecture for Nuke. Top-down rendering introduced in Nuke 13.2 renders the graph node-by-node from the top of the graph down, rather than scanline-by-scanline on demand. This allows Nuke to cache its data more efficiently and reduces thread synchronization issues for faster rendering, with an average improvement of 20% and some scripts performing 150% faster. With Top-down rendering, we’re reducing the time users have to wait for heavy or complex scripts, so artists can experience faster updates and interactions. As performance gains are script-dependent, and Nuke’s scanline-by-scanline progressive update to the viewer is replaced by the whole image updating at once, we’re giving users complete control over how and when they use Top-down rendering to suit the needs of their scripts.

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