TMPGEnc Movie Plug-in AVC Free Download

TMPGEnc Movie Plug-in AVC Free Download

TMPGEnc Movie Plug-in AVC for Premiere Pro brings Pegasys Inc.’s H.264/MPEG-4 AVC (“H.264/AVC”) export function to AdobeĀ® PremiereĀ® Pro CC. This plug-in uses the x264 engine for the main encoder, which provides high quality and high-speed export by combining Pegasys proprietary technology with the x264’s high quality functions and numerous detailed parameters. Hardware encoding can also be utilized on systems with Sandy Bridge or later IntelĀ® Core processors with Intel Media SDK (Quick Sync Video).

Output Directly From the Timeline.
With this plug-in, the TMPGEnc H.264 encoder is enabled in the export settings. Select from MP4, MPEG-TS and MKV for your container or choose elementary stream output with Dolby Digital or AAC audio. Set up your settings manually or use the preset templates for Blu-ray, AVCHD, or mobile devices, making it easy to encode even if you not sure about what settings to use.

Setup Screen Allows a High Degree of Freedom & Is Compatible with 4K Output.
Encode in ultra HD 4K resolution (4096 Ɨ 2304) with support for the Level 5.2 profile and level setting. Want to customize your H.264/AVC encode even more? Change settings for the GOP structure, quantization matrix, color space and more!

Equipped With the x264 Video Encoder.
The TMPGEnc H.264/AVC encoder uses the x264 high quality encode engine, the same encoder that YouTube, Facebook and many other websites have chosen for their video processing. World renowned for its high image quality to compression ratios, the x264 encoding engine will help you achieve the highest image quality without the high file size.

Supports a Wide Variety of Audio Formats.
The plug-in utilizes the Fraunhofer IIS audio encoder, so there is no compromise in the quality of the audio. Output your audio with formats typically associated with H.264/AVC, such as AAC audio, in addition to other formats like MP3 and Dolby Digital.

Templates for Blu-ray Disc, AVCHD and Mobile Devices.
In addition to the H.264/AVC output configurations, you can choose from templates for Blu-ray Disc (BDMV / BDAV), AVCHD, and mobile devices such as the iPhone. These templates allow you to easily output video in compliance with the selected device without having to know the often complex encoding parameters needed for proper playback.

High-Speed IntelĀ® Media SDK (QSV) Hardware Encoding.
Take advantage of hardware H.264/AVC encoding if your computer is equipped with second generation IntelĀ® Coreā„¢ processors with Intel Media SDK (Quick Sync Video).

System Requirements
Computer: IBM PC/AT compatible. Virtual environments are not supported. If using a notebook PC, please make sure it is cooled efficiently.
Applied product: AdobeĀ® PremiereĀ® Pro CC 2014/2015/2015.3/2015.4/2017/2018/2019 installed environment
Operating System: Same as Adobe Premiere Pro CC (Windows) requirements.
CPU: Same as Adobe Premiere Pro CC (Windows) requirements.
RAM: Same as Adobe Premiere Pro CC (Windows) requirements.
Hard disk drive: About 100 MB + space for data.
Display: Same as Adobe Premiere Pro CC (Windows) requirements.



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