LUT Mixer v2.1.1 Free Download

LUT Mixer v2.1.1 Free Download

Mix LUTs to apply them simultaneously and protect the skin tones from the influence of the LUTs. Entirely new possibilities for working with LUTs: Recover skin tones from the LUTs influence and adjust them separately as well. In addition, LUTs can be applied up to an intensity of 150% now and also negatively.

Working with LUTs (Look Up Tables) is popular and nowadays many programs support LUTs. In most programs, LUTs can only be applied one after the other. Since most LUTs are optimised to be applied to fresh image material, it commonly happens that any LUT applied after the first one will not deliver the desired results anymore since it is not applied to a neutral image but to one already altered by the first LUT.

– Protection of skin tones from the influence of LUTs
– Subsequently restoring and adjusting skin tones
– Increase LUTs up to a maximum level of 150%
– Applying LUTs negatively instead of only positively
– Intuitive mixing of LUTs
– Simple adjustment of professional looks
– Standardized average calculation automatically adjusts the total intensity
– Suitable for LUT-systems (separate LUTs for colorings and contrasts)



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