Jiggle 1.01 Free Download

Jiggle 1.01 Free Download

Jiggle is a modifier plugin for 3ds Max that adds quickly and easily realistic jiggle motions to parts of animated characters and objects. It can simulate fat and muscle movements and skin sliding effects.

Here are some of the benefits you get:

    • You get to to ramp up your animations to another dimension of realism quickly and without effort.
    • You don’t have to struggle anymore with complicated muscle systems and skinning methods.
    • You get to quickly and easily add jiggle effects to your animations.
    • It is multithreaded so it allows you to work with high resolution meshes.

Situations in which you would want to use Jiggle:

    • When you want to add motion to fat, muscle, breasts, buttocks or any other part of your character that might move.
    • When you want to add secondary motions to your characters.
    • When you want more realistic animations.
  • When you want a simple and fast method to add jiggle effects.




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